Beget is a small village declared Patrimony of National Interest and considered one of the most beautiful villages of Catalonia, located in the town of Camprodon Valley, but nailed the EIN of the High Garrotxa. He presides over the entrance of the magnificent church of St. Christopher Beget the twelfth century to guard jealously the Majesty of Beget, a Romanesque statue of Christ Majesty wearing the robe and unique in the style in Catalonia, also in the twelfth century. The begetins and begetines are especially grateful to Josep Duñach, popularly known as en Feliça, who loves his village’s heritage. It is well known that during the Republican era, many churches suffered from the burning of much of its heritage. En Feliça, at that time mayor of Beget, know by telephone (Beget was one of the first places that had telephone, for its bad accessibility and to facilitate the electoral results) that the Reds were going to Beget to burn all the images containing the church of St. Christopher. He met the neighbors and proposed to take benches and chairs out of the church, hiding under the stairs of the boys school the Majesty, close the church and make a huge pyre. When the FAI arrived from Sant Joan Les Fonts, En Feliça said he had already done the work, they had already burned the contents of the church. The militiamen left, ignoring the Majesty had saved.

The village, with houses of stone and well restored, permits a relaxing walk, breathe fresh air and nature. The village is cross by two rivers: the river of Rocabruna and the France river (or Trui). Both can enjoy a refreshing swim and clean and clear water. In less than a km from the village and towards Oix, there are the naturalk swimingpools of Corraveu, a great depth.

The source of the river is near: about 30 minutes through the street leading to the rooms of the Hostal El Forn.

If you want to go hiking is the ideal place. In the north you can visit Comanegra, Pic de les Bruixes (of the Witches) and if you want can do a short insertion in neighboring France. To the east you can route along the river. To the south you can go to Oix and west to the Chapel of Salarça, Valley of Bolòs, Rocabruna and even can reach to Camprodon. GR11, GR83, Itinerannia, PR’s, Alta Garrotxa routes … lots of paths and paths to discover this valley!

Also by car you can visit Molló Park and Aventura Park, Vallter2000, Minigolf de Fontrubí and discover spectacular villages such as Camprodon, Llanars, Rocabruna, Molló, Prats de Molló-LaPresta, Setcases, La Roca and Vilallonga …

Beget is a town for everyone, Beget is quiet, is disconexion, everyday is a rediscovery, it is romantic, Beget is nature and culture is if you come to the restaurant El Forn and / or Can Feliça in Beget is also good food and gastronomy

If you want to disconnect in the strictest sense of the word, come for lunch or a break in El Forn or at the apartments of Can Feliça; sure you get it! The access to the people can be good for Camprodon, which is 17km or for Oix which is 18km.